Slow Looking: Anton Kusters

Fri 17 Sep 2021 - Fri 17 Sep 2021

Anton Kusters München-Stadelheim | 0000100 (est.) | 48.100152, 11.592046 (EX) from The Blue Skies Project © Anton Kusters

Slow Looking: Anton Kusters

Fri 17 Sep 2021 - Fri 17 Sep 2021

View three images by Anton Kusters, listen to the audio descriptions and/or download the audio description transcripts below. These audio descriptions were produced by Caroline Dawson for a live Slow Looking event.


Anton Kusters (b. 1974 in Belgium) produces conceptual photographic projects that often investigate the difficult premise of representing trauma. Questioning the act of commemoration and the loss of the experience of place in our contemporary culture, he proposes alternative ways of seeing and activating audiences to continue the process of memory.

Kuster's The Blue Skies Project was exhibited at Fitzrovia Chapel, London, UK (15-19 May 2019) and is nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2020. The Prize is an annual award, originated by The Photographers’ Gallery, to recognise and support the most innovative, original and relevant photography-based practice within a given year.

Caroline Dawson, an access and inclusivity consultant, has produced audio descriptions for three photographs from Anton Kuster's The Blue Skies Project that were included in the Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize 2020 exhibition.

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Work 1 - Anton Kusters, Neuteich 0000021 54.136070, 19.008740 (co) from The Blue Skies Project 2019

Anton Kusters Neuteich from The Blue Skies Project 2019

Work 2 - Anton Kusters, Buchenwald 0294455 (est.) 51.021529, 11.24897 (ex) from The Blue Skies Project, 2019

Anton Kusters Buchenwald from The Blue Skies Project 2019

Work 3 - Anton Kusters, Poniatowa 0028000 (est.) 51.178257, 22.061046 (co) from The Blue Skies Project, 2019

Work 3 - Anton Kusters, Poniatowa 0028000 (est.) 51.178257, 22.061046 (co) from The Blue Skies Project, 2019