TPG Fri Late: A Partisan Coffee House Special

6:00pm, Fri 29 Jul 2022

Partisan Coffeehouse revelers enjoying a spot of lunch, as seen at the photographers gallery

TPG Fri Late: A Partisan Coffee House Special

6:00pm, Fri 29 Jul 2022

This event is part of our Past Programme

Extended opening hours and free for all. Until 9pm

Join us for a special evening of music, chess and drinks as we celebrate our new exhibition, The Partisan Coffee House: Radical Soho and the New Left! 

Find out more about this fascinating, yet little-known moment in British history. Show off your chess skills at the FourCorner Club meetup, enjoy a screening of films from the BFI Free Cinema Programme or attend an exhibition tour by Curator, Mike Berlin.

Programme of activities

Chess Meetup outside the Gallery

Show off your skills in this outdoor chess meetup, hosted by FourCorner Club, at Soho Photography Quarter right outside the Gallery.

FourCorner is the first outdoor chess community in the UK, bringing over-the-board games to anyone, anywhere - regardless of ability or background. No more stuffy basements and awkward silences - they go in for great tunes and bustling atmospheres. FourCorner meet twice a week in two London spaces - St. John's Square and Granary Square - with another one on the way. Follow their moves on Insta here or hear a bit more about our story.

Image of people playing chess at an outdoors meetup

FourCorner Meetup

Café Bar open

Enjoy some drinks and snacks in our café bar, to the tunes of DJ Medallion Man, inspired by The Partisan Coffee House.

Medallion Man is co-founder, resident, and the driving force behind Loose Lips. Since its launch in October 2014, he has directed its growth into a well-respected and ever-ambitious diverse musical platform, co-curating events, label releases, charity work, mix series, radio shows and the blog's activities. His own DJing continues to blossom alongside the wider project, seeing him regularly DJ around the UK & Europe, gaining a reputation for intriguing mixing across a maze of tempos and genres.

Exhibition tour

Learn more about the fascinating history of the Partisan, in this curator tour by Mike Berlin. 

Mike Berlin teaches the social and cultural history of London at Birkbeck, University of London. He curated this exhibition along, in collaboration with The Photographers' Gallery.

Free Cinema programme screenings

We will be showing a selection of films from the 1950s' Free Cinema movement to accompany our Partisan Coffee House: Radical Soho and the New Left exhibition.

O Dreamland (1953, 12 mins, dir. Lindsay Anderson)
Momma Don’t Allow (1956, 21 mins, Karl Reiz)
Nice Time (1957, 18 mins, dir. Claude Goretta & Alain Tanner)


Bookshop and Print Sales will be open as usual until 8pm