Workshop: Zine-making with Shrimp Zine

05:00pm - 08:00pm, Fri 24 Nov 2023

Take part in this group session designing and printing a zine using your phone's photo library

People work at a long table trimming and assembling photographic zines

Workshop: Zine-making with Shrimp Zine

5:00pm, Fri 24 Nov 2023

Take part in this group session designing and printing a zine using your phone's photo library

This event is part of our Past Programme

Come along and create three mini-zines* - two to keep, one to trade.

We'll start a short introduction to Shrimp Zine, followed by a short talk by Dilly Thain from TPG Bookshop about some of the zines we have in our bookshop, as well as things to think about when sequencing your zine. Then we'll move on get everyone making an 8-page zine. After this, participants can choose to create up to two 8-page through to a 32-page zines.

* Each zine is printed on A4 paper and trimmed down.

Things to bring

Bring your smart phone or tablet, loaded with the photos you want to choose from to make your zine. And bring your willingness to chat and trade a zine with another participant.

Please note: The Shrimp Zine platform works best with an iPhone or iPad, and on a Safari browser.

Things we will supply

We'll have A4 paper, one printer*, two trimmers and staplers. We'll be asking you to either Airdrop or email your finished digital zine.

* So there will be a queuing system!

About Shrimp Zine

SHRIMP ZINE is a mobile web app that offers an alternative entry point for the art of zine-making, exploring the possibilities of the digital and the physical coming into contact with one another whilst engaging in public discourse, and as a communal tool, offering the opportunity to put into the hands of the producer the power to tell their own story. By bridging the gap between traditional zine-making and mobile technology in a fun, engaging, and simple way, SHRIMP ZINE is designed as a free, accessible, and user-friendly platform that encourages young audiences to create, share and print their own zines, to foster creativity and to promote spontaneous production whilst on the go. It was developed by Andreas Laszlo Konrath. 

About Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Andreas is a photographer and artist educator who utilizes the zine format as a vehicle for many projects, citing community building, exchange, and collaboration as a key motivator. Andreas' zines are archived in collections at ICP, Getty Research Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art Library, MoMA Library, and Yale University Library. Andreas has organized zine workshops for Dia Art Foundation, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, NEW INC, Penumbra Foundation, POWRPLNT, Society for Photographic Education, Tasweer Photo Festival Qatar, and brands like Converse CONS. Andreas co-founded SHRIMP ZINE, a free web tool that allows users to create zines on their smartphones, bringing a new creative and collaborative access point to digital natives.

This event has been timed to coincide with the exhibition Daido Moriyama: A Retrospective, on show to 11 February 2024.

Zine making sessions using the ShrimpZine platform are also currently taking place in London on Monday evenings at the Photo Book Cafe.

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This workshop is made possible by the generosity of the free zine platform Shrimp Zine!