Podcast: In conversation with Siân Davey

A photograph of a group of teenagers outside under a tree.

Podcast: In conversation with Siân Davey

On Photographers

Each episode is a recording of a talk from industry experts and creatives who speak openly and honestly about their role. They aim to connect, inspire and inform young people in pursuing a creative career.

Episode 2 - In conversation with photographer Siân Davey

About Siân Davey

Following a 15 year career as a psychotherapist in private practice, British photographer Sian Davey launched a career in photography in 2014, drawing on her experiences as a psychotherapist and mother to inform her practice. Her work is an investigation of the psychological landscapes of both herself and those around her. Her family and community are central to her work.  Davey studied Fine Art painting (Bath Academy of Fine Art, 1985) and Social Policy (University of Brighton, 1990) Humanistic Psychotherapy (1995), and more recently, photography (MA 2014 and MFA 2016 at Plymouth University).