TPG Activity: What is home?

photograph of group of teenagers walking down a road.

TPG Activity: What is home?

On Photography

For this activity, photographer Ryan Prince offers an idea for creating photographs that are inspired by Johny Pitt's Home is Not a Place exhibition


Can people be your home? Can it be a smell or a feeling?

About Ryan

Ryan Prince is a photographic artist and researcher that has a particular interest in exploring the polylithic nature of black identities, specifically his own identity as a Black British male from the Jamaican Diaspora. He Explores how self-representation within visual languages such as photography may lead to a better psychological fortitude, for creators and viewers alike.

He has exhibited with institutions such as the Black Cultural Archives, The National Portrait Gallery and The Royal Photographic Society, also having work appear in publications by The British Journal of Photography, It’s Nice That and Photoworks.

He was awarded a bursary from the Martin Parr Foundation where his work can be found as part of the collection.