Course: Pathways In and Out of Photography Through Art, Performance and Sound

06:30pm, Tue 09 Apr 2024 - 08:30pm, Tue 07 May 2024

Join artist Tom Lovelace on a five-week course looking at photography’s intersection with performance, collaboration, sculpture and sound

Figure in black trousers with a red jumper standing in front of unprocessed photo paper

Course: Pathways In and Out of Photography Through Art, Performance and Sound


Join artist Tom Lovelace on a five-week course looking at photography’s intersection with performance, collaboration, sculpture and sound

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How does photography inform and extend into different disciplines? Join artist Tom Lovelace in this five-week exploration of contemporary expanded photography through a mix of talking and making, taking this year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize as a starting point.

The potential and possibilities of the photograph will be examined through a framework of sculpture, performance, collaboration and sound. The artists nominated for the DB demonstrate dynamic, often fluid practices, which move in and out of photography.

An interdisciplinary approach to photography will provide a platform for participants to contemplate, discuss and respond through making. In addition to this year’s prize nominees, we will also explore other contemporary practitioners who push and test the boundaries of the photographic image.

Artists and photographers referenced include Tania Bruguera, Gauri Gill & Rajesh Vangad, Felicity Hammond, Lebohang Kganye, Ben McDonnell, Hayley Morris-Cafiero, Hrair Sarkissian and VALIE EXPORT, among many others.

Led by artist and lecturer Tom Lovelace.

Who is this for? 

Open to all who are interested in photography and art. No prior knowledge necessary.


Each two-hour session will include a combination of lectures by Tom Lovelace, group discussion and participant responses through making. The latter will be informal and accessible, using camera phones and everyday materials and apparatus.


Week 1: Across Disciplines on Tue 9 Apr

In this introductory session, we look at the ever evolving nature of photography. We start with this year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize nominees with a visit to the exhibition led by Tom Lovelace, paying particular attention to the links between the various media and photography.

Week 2: Archive and Memory on Tue 16 Apr

With a focus on the practice of Lebohang Kganye, we explore the use of photography in sculpture and installation. We will consider the archive and its connection to personal and shared memory as we examine photography as a document of collective experience. We will also touch on the work of Felicity Hammond, Liz Orton and Peter Watkins.

Week 3: Body and Action on Tue 23 Apr

This session looks at performative approaches taken in photography. From portraiture and staged interventions to film and installation, we move beyond the rules and expectations contained within the still image. This week will feature references to the work of VALIE EXPORT, Joan Jonas and Hayley Morris-Cafiero.

Week 4: Collaboration on Tue 30 Apr

Moving away from notions of photography as the output of a single author, this week looks at the role of collaboration in photography. We interrogate collaboration and how it exists in photography – the possibilities they create, and how it can transform and reshape the medium. Case studies include the practice of Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad, as well as Jim Goldberg and Tania Bruguera.

Week 5: Narrative and the Material of Sound on Tue 07 May

In the same way photography can be used to make forgotten stories visible, this week looks at the way experience and feeling are made tangible through sound. With reference to Hrair Sarkissian and Ben McDonnell, we close the course by considering the relationship between these mediums and how sound can work to expand photographic work. There were also be opportunity for participants to reflect and share their work and how it may develop in relation to themes covered in the course.


Tom Lovelace is a London based artist, working across photography and performance. Lovelace’s practice is shaped by the collaborative histories of photography, phenomenology, theatre and the languages and legacies of abstraction. Since 2017, Lovelace has been developing the Living Pictures, presenting interactive exhibition spaces, exploring the photographic image, moments in art history and sites of architecture through performance methodologies. Lovelace is currently completing doctoral research, with a focus on the Living Pictures, at the University of Westminster. As a Lecturer he works at the Royal College of Art, London and Glasgow School of Art.


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