29 Jan - 27 Feb 1993

Between Sun and Earth: Susan Derges & Garry Fabian Miller

29 January - 27 February 1993

Over the last two decades new theories about the origins of our universe have emerged from the latest scientific understanding. Susan Derges and Garry Fabian Miller are two British artists whose work is inspired and informed by these developments. Between Sun and Earth offers new work in two distinct but complementary installations - with both artists showing luxuriant cibachrome photograms - colour prints produced without a camera.

Susan Derges's Full Circle deals with metamorphosis; through a series of thirty six richly coloured prints, it follows the transformation of a cluster of frog spawn, from tadpoles to fully formed frogs. The process resembles a controlled experiment and the work appears to belong as much to the laboratory as to the artist's studio. It suggests a metaphor for the wider conditions of nature - its pattern of expansion and growth reverberating throughout our world.

Garry Fabian Miller's Illumine draws our eyes to the inherent properties of the images themselves. The twelve prints were produced by a combination of oil, light and paper. Fabian Miller refines shapes and patterns that suggest universality. His images expand ideas of perfect form through symmetry and harmony, and he uses the circle or sphere to suggest planetary bodies and most powerfully the sun - the source of light and life.

Both artists are British, in their thirties and have been widely collected. Derges has exhibited extensively in Japan and received major awards, including the DAAD travel scholarship to Germany and the Boise Travel scholarship to Holland. Fabian Miller has published several books and exhibited in the USA.

A TPG Touring Exhibition organised in collaboration with Plymouth Gallery. Curated by David Chandler.

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