Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017

12:00am, Mon 09 Oct 2017 - 12:00am, Wed 18 Oct 2017

A presentation of the winners, juror's picks and finalists from the Magnum and LensCulture Award 2017
Hub Zero, Dubai, January 2017. Emirati boys playing a game of pool at Hub Zero, an im- mersive entertainment hub located at City Walk shopping mall. © Nick Hannes. Documen- tary Series Winner, Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017.

Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards 2017


A presentation of the winners, juror's picks and finalists from the Magnum and LensCulture Award 2017

This event is part of our Past Programme

We are excited to present the 41 winners, jurors’ picks and finalists from the Magnum and LensCulture Award on our Media Wall. The award recognises, rewards and supports new photographic talent. This year, the twelve winners hail from all over the world and deal with a diversity of subjects. Nick Hannes, the Documentary series winner, pursued a project featuring the culture of the elite in Dubai, while Lissa Rivera’s striking portraits of her non-binary partner explore contemporary notions of gender and its narratives in today’s society. 

Award Winners

Argus Paul Estabrook, South Korea

Lissa Rivera, United States
Jason Florio, United Kingdom
Medina Dugger, Nigeria
Daniel Shipp, Australia
Nick Hannes, Belgium
Hakim Boulouiz, Switzerland 

Artur Zdral, Poland
Szymon Barylski, Ireland
Britta Jaschinski, United Kingdom
Ellie Davies, United Kingdom
Retam Kumar Shaw, India


The award was selected by a Jury who each selected a single photographer:
Terje Abusdal, Norway selected by Alec Soth, Magnum photographer.
Sonja Hamad, Germany selected by Lelsey Martin, creative director at the Aperture Foundation and publisher of The PhotoBook Review.
Shahria Sharmin, Bangladesh selected by Susan Meiselas, Magnum photographer and MacArthur Fellow.
Christian Werner, Germany selected by Sarah Leen, Director of Photography at National Geographic Magazine.
Mirko Saviane, Italy selected by Azu Nwagbogu, Founder and Director of LagosPhoto Festival and the African Artists’ Foundation.
MD Tanveer Rohan, Bangladesh selected by David Hurn, Magnum photographer.
Edgar Martins, United Kingdom selected by Yumi Goto, independent photography curator, editor, researcher, consultant, and publisher.
Antonio Gibotta, Italy selected by Jim Casper, editor-in-chief of LensCulture.


Zhang Kechun, China 
Thomas Alleman, United States
Thom Pierce, South Africa
Sasha Maslov, United States
Roei Greenberg, Israel
Paul D’Haese, Belgium
Panos Kefalos, Greece
Jonathan Bachman, United States
Jens Juul, Denmark
Gregg Segal, United States
Gabriel Romero, United States
Emilien Urbano, France
Ash Shinya Kawaoto, Japan
Antonio Faccilongo, Italy
Ramona Deckers, Netherlands
Matthew Sowa, United States
Karen Pulfer Focht, United States
Farida Lemeatrag, Belgium
Ana Carolina Fernandes, Brazil
Amos Nachoum, United States
A.M. Ahad, Bangladesh
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