Talks and Events
10 Jan - 13 Jan 2019

Operation Earnest Voice

Part installation, part performance, part working think tank, Operation Earnest Voice aims to explore and interrogate the numerous tools, methods and strategies used to influence public opinion online, from the generation of fake followers to the fabrication of images.

Over 4 days in January, the artist Jonas Lund will be transforming the 3rd Floor of the Gallery into an influencing office tasked with reversing Brexit.

Following an open recruitment call, twelve appointed staff members alongside guest experts will use their skills to collaboratively create a campaign using tactics that manipulate public opinion, and creating new narratives to disrupt the current political debate. The office will be staffed between 10 – 6pm each day and open to the public.  On offer will be a daily programme of events, strategy meetings and workshops critically reflecting on and subverting the strategies used by both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns as a way of exposing the machinations regularly deployed to sway opinion.

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