WATCH: Screen Walk with Sunny Attias

06:00pm - 07:30pm, Wed 21 Feb 2024

Ai generated flat earth conspiracies

WATCH: Screen Walk with Sunny Attias

6:00pm, Wed 21 Feb 2024

This event is part of our Past Programme

In a world increasingly mediated through generative AI it has never been so vital to illuminate and grasp the processes that make up its intelligence. With platforms such as Google and Microsoft experimenting with embedding diffusion models directly into their search engines, and the frenetic dispersal of AI generated images over social media, it becomes difficult to imagine a future where much of our online activity isn’t touched by the hand of AI.

In light of this, Sunny Attias delved into the opaque nature of photographic truth, combining the regurgitative nature of diffusion models with the spread of conspiracy theories on the internet. Half tutorial and half collective workshop, the audience was shown how to fine-tune an existing generative AI model by collectively submitting images for its training.

Sunny Attias is an artist working within the expanded field photography, including CGI image-making practices, sculptural photography and filmmaking. His work is rooted in the exploration of materiality, space, and semiotics in physical and digital space, and his current research revolves around applying theories of the photographic image to the encoding and decoding of video game images.

After acquiring a BA in fine arts in London, he is currently completing an MA in photography at ECAL (Switzerland), where he is extending his practice through use of A.I and CGI image-making technologies, combined with traditional forms of photography.