TPG Young Writers

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TPG Young Writers

An editorial programme for writers and photographers under 25.

For those who enjoy the writing side of photography, we run two editorial programmes which explore photography in different ways. All articles have a 500 word count, and are uploaded to The Photographers’ Gallery website, as well as being included in the monthly newsletter to teachers and educators. We’ll also promote the piece through our Twitter.

A Young Person Reviews…

In this series, young people write reviews of  photography exhibitions and photobooks. Reviews are commissioned monthly to be featured in our Teachers and Educators’ E-Newsletter, and are archived here on our website. A Young Person Reviews… is part of our commitment to providing spaces for young people to share ideas, opinions, and experiences with a general audience and to develop critical thinking skills. Past examples can be found here.

A The Story Behind a Photograph

A Story Behind a Photograph invites young photographers to write a text exploring one of their own photographs, or a whole body of work. This article is a presentation of work, explaining the why’s and how’s behind the image. Past examples can be found here.


For both articles types, we pay the writer £40 for the piece. For A Young Person Reviews, we can reimburse you for your exhibition ticket/book. Make sure to keep receipts!

If you would like to write an article, you can submit your idea to

Once the article has been commissioned by the TPG team, submission deadlines are four weeks later.

If you would like some extra tips and guidelines to start writing, our Young Writers Guide has ideas on how to kickstart your piece.

When submitting the article, please attach any image files separately.

Please find some past articles below.