Careful Networks

Fri 29 Oct 2021 - Fri 12 Nov 2021

A temporary p2p network holding a series of newly commissioned works. 

A simple ink drawing of seven people sitting in a circle under large flowers

Careful Networks

Fri 29 Oct 2021 - Fri 12 Nov 2021

A temporary p2p network holding a series of newly commissioned works. 

This event is part of our Past Programme

Careful Networks is a project initiated by Phoenix in partnership with BOMFurtherfieldThe Photographers' GalleryQUAD and Vivid Projects.

This project follows the principles of coding to care and coding carefully from the Distributed Web of Care initiative. You can read more about this in Community over Commodity, an essay by Adina Glickstein.

Each work is hosted by one of the twelve other participating artists. The network exists through a collaborative act of care and stewardship; visitors are invited to participate.

This network is built on the Hyper protocol and accessible through the Beaker browser. 

The artists participating in Careful Networks are:

  • Larisa Blazic
  • Daniel Sean Kelly
  • Nisa Khan
  • Rhiannon Lowe
  • Emily Mulenga
  • Antonio Roberts
  • Ailie Rutherford
  • Christopher Samuel
  • Samiir Saunders
  • Shinji Toya
  • Nye Thompson
  • Lily Wales


For assistance getting the software needed to access the exhibition please visit the Get Started page.

The Photographers' Gallery digital programmes co-commissioned artists Nye Thompson and Shinji Toya to be part of Careful Networks.

An image of a laptop showing the introductory text of Shinji Toya's project, by Shinji Toya is an interactive, participatory, p2p-website providing detailed information concerning the seemingly banal materiality of the artist’s obsolete Apple laptop and its ecological implication. The viewers are invited to host the website on the distributed network of the peer-to-peer web, in order to prolong the material visibility of the laptop which acts as a data server in the network.

A laptop over a rock with two series of large numbers on top

Deep Time Counter Dashboard (Prototype v1.0), by Shinji Toya

Deep Time Counter Dashboard (Prototype v1.0) is a browser dashboard counting down the 4.54 billion years that took for the earth to compose the elements to make digital devices. Starting from October 2013 –when the artist’s obsolete laptop was produced– the dashboard will make the sound of a stone dropping every minute, making visible and reminding the material relationship between the laptop, other devices and the geologic time scale hidden behind our digital lives.

A grid with different views of a 3D rendered clay beaker, mixed with the text "it begins 4,500 years ago" over a water background

The Net and The River, by Nye Thompson

Nye Thompson uses an ancient technology - the clay beaker which at the end of the stone age also generated radical new networks - as a way to think about the dynamics of Beaker, the intriguing new p2p protocol. Nye has created/crafted/moulded her own (virtual) clay beaker. And as people view/host it it will multiply and spread geographically in a similar way to its ancient physical ancestors.