Develop Check In

6:00pm, Tue 06 Sep 2022

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Develop Check In

6:00pm, Tue 06 Sep 2022

This event is part of the Develop youth programme which is open to 14 to 24 year olds. Please only sign up if you are within the age bracket. 

Join this check-in session where guest photographers Asafe Ghalib and Melanie Issaka, alongside Develop ambassadors, lead break-out group crit sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to share your work, catch up, and network.

The event will run from 18.00 - 19.30.

Once you sign up, we will contact you with a rundown of the session.

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Melanie Issaka

Melanie Issaka is a Photographer and Technical Instructor based in London, UK. Specialising in image making, she aims to develop a social practice concerned with documentation, representation and archiving with reference to the intersectionality of Race and Gender, as well as exploring the materiality of print and lens-based media. Issaka has participated in multiple exhibitions in the UK and internationally. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, British Journal of Photography, and Vogue. She graduated from The Royal College of Art with a Master’s in photography, having previously studied her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design at The University of Brighton.

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Asafe Ghalib

Asafe Ghalib is Brazilian activist and photographer. Based in London, Ghalib produces visual content for the LGBTQIA+ community. They believe in giving people the opportunity to express themselves authentically throw photography in pursuit of equal rights by sharing different perspectives on gender and race. Ghalib wants to use their voice to speak to everyone, and raise awareness and hope. Ghalib was selected as of one of the British Journal of Photography's 2021 Ones to Watch.