08 Jan - 03 Feb 1974

Bailey Up Till Now

8 January - 3 February 1974

If you stop anyone on the street and ask if they know who David Bailey is to, there will be very few who haven’t any idea, - a few may think he’s a popstar but most will know quite well. There was a period not so long ago when practically his every move made news, but as he says, “if I’d actually done all the things I was credited with, there would have been no time at all for work!” And work you certainly does. It is not because of newspaper fame that he has had such a long and happy association with Vogue!

It is certainly no mean achievement that he – along with Donovan and Duffy – who did so much to change the style of fashion photography in Britain in the 60s is still working creatively in the editorial field and loves the medium enough to find time to do his personal work as well. Talking to him one feels there is certainly no danger of boredom overtaking him. We are very happy that he has made time to choose this comprehensive selection of pictures for the exhibition.

The exhibition contains a high proportion of pictures taken for his own pleasure, a selection from Vogue in colour and black-and-white and a number of pictures from his new book ‘Beady Minces’ (ISBN: 978-9879791479) as well as from ‘Goodbye Baby and Amen’ (ISBN: 978-0900303067).

The colour has been printed by Leo Vala on Cibachrome which is marketed in the UK by Ilford Limited part of the Ciba-Geigy group of companies.

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