TPG Friday Late: Spring season

05:00pm - 08:00pm, Fri 14 Apr 2023

Photograph of a sinking abandoned ship out on sea. Overlayed text says Jon Tonks: Head to the Leeward Side

TPG Friday Late: Spring season

5:00pm, Fri 14 Apr 2023

This event is part of our Past Programme

Extended opening hours and free for all.

Join us for a special TPG Late with drinks, talks, tours and film screenings to celebrate our Spring season. 

6pm – Jon Tonks' introduction to his latest show, Head for the Leeward Side & other things the islands taught me
Get an introduction to two Jon Tonks' key projects by the photographer himself. Tonk's work explores the legacy of Britain’s vast colonial history, often on islands in remote corners of the world.

Photographer Jon Tonks (b.1981, UK) grew up in the West Midlands, far from the ocean. Here in his first solo exhibition in London, Tonks explores the stories of lives shaped by history, geography and the unique intricacies of island life.


A person is standing in the middle of a landscape, holding up a white baloon

From 6pm – Thamesmead (1970) film screening
As part of the A Brief Revolution: photography, architecture and social space in the Manplan exhibition 

The utopian ideals of post-war planning are encapsulated in this absorbing film about the plans for the oft-derided GLC estate of Thamesmead. This is a fascinating and with hindsight rather sad study of the building of Thamesmead, a new town in south-east London that was envisaged as “a town for the 21st century” but which was soon plagued by social problems caused by lack of facilities and public transport. 

Film runs for 25 minutes and will be on loop throughout the evening

Black and white photograph of people by the bay of a pond surrounded by construction sites

7.30pm – Curator's tour of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2023

Find out more about this year’s shortlisted artists and their projects. 

This year’s shortlisted artists all push the boundaries of photography and exemplify its resonance and relevance as a cultural force today. With this tour you will gain more insight to the artists’ practices and shortlisted projects. 

Katrina Schwarz is the curator of the DBPFP23 at The Photographers’ Gallery.


Café bar, bookshop and Print Sales Gallery will be open as usual.