Journey with Johny Pitts: Home is Not a Place

Come on a journey with Johny Pitts as he talks about a selection of photographs in the exhibition Home is Not a Place. Poet Roger Robinson also recites his poem of the same title, included in their book.

Each sound clip links to a different photograph, with transcripts for each below.

Kids in front of Premier

Colour photograph of a group of four young people in the foreground with a convenience store in the background

Konica Photo Memories

Colour photograph of a man and woman stood outside a shop with a rainbow effect semi-circular sign above the shop which has a sign Photo Memories as the name of the shop

Green Door

Colour photograph of a green door with a sign on the door reading Refugee and Migrant Justice Please Pull to Enter

Woman with Rose Tattoo

Black and white photograph of a portrait of a woman stood looking at the camera, wearing a sleeveless top with a tattoo in the design of a rose on the top of her right arm

Another Kind of Life

Black and white photograph of a man wearing a suit with a high visibility vest and name badge, stood next to two lifts. The doors of the lifts are displaying adverts for an exhibition at the Barbican

Twenty Parakeets

Colour photograph of a tree with yellow coloured birds sat in the top half of the tree lit by flash light

Bouncer in Silhouette

Colour photograph of a man with his back to the camera, silhouetted against a backlit door

Kenya Fried Chicken

Black and white photograph of a night street scene with a figure walking away from the camera on the street on a foggy night with street lights along the street

Man at Bus Stop, Glasgow

Colour photograph taken at night with a figure stood silhouetted against the bright light of a bus stop stand

Home is Not a Place

Colour photograph of a young person sat behind a glass partition looking over their shoulder. There is a reflection of another figure in the glass