Social Life: Photography Tips & Networks

TPG was founded as a home for photographers; a way of providing an essential exhibition and meeting space for the photographic community both in the UK and beyond. From its earliest days the gallery has welcomed and encouraged photographers at every stage of their development, offering practical courses and workshops, a specialist bookshop and a variety of formal and informal events to help build skills and grow networks.

One of our regular – and most longstanding – networking events is The Social. Every month practising photographers and industry experts share tips and offer advice in an open and informal drop in forum. Top take-away tips are collated and circulated to all attendees and we have begun to share some of these below. This selection will be updated regularly, so keep visiting to collect more – and if there are any subjects that you would like to see discussed at future sessions, please email us at

Commercial and Personal Work: Ewen Spencer and Olivia Gideon Thomson
Photographing Protest: David Hoffman and Lívia Bonadio
Commissioning Music Photography: Dan Wilton and Ben Weaver
Photographing Communities: Marysa Dowling and Russell Watkins
Building a Network: Jenny Lewis and Mimi Mollica