TPG Activity: Still Life & Filters

Objects lying on a piece of paper.

TPG Activity: Still Life & Filters

On Photography
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This activity, devised by artist Jeanne Blissett Robertson, invites you to create and share a series of still life photos made with filters using household ingredients and objects.

You’ll start by creating four different A4-size filters. Each filter can then be positioned over a still life composition adhered to your window. The final step will be taking a photograph of your composition using your four different filters. Experience how everyday materials can be transformed into playful and enigmatic images.

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About Jeanne Blissett-Robertson

Jeanne Blissett-Robertson's work spans across site-responsive projects and studio-based practice, exploring and interweaving how we process our vast natural world and the transcendental effect of minimal design. Works combine elements of natural environments and handmade processes with controlled and manufactured design to achieve a sense of possibility and escape.