TPG Activities

Photo of a group of young people walking down a hill past a shop at dusk.

TPG Activities

We've commissioned artists and educators to create downloadable photography-based activities to do at home. Share your results.


Black and white

TPG Activity: Put Yourself in the Picture

This activity, created by artist Eva Jonas, invites you to photograph a performance that captures your body responding to two contrasting locations. Inspired by the series of works Body Configurations

photograph of group of teenagers walking down a road.

TPG Activity: What is home?

For this activity, photographer Ryan Prince offers an idea for creating photographs that are inspired by Johny Pitt's Home is Not a Place exhibition

A response to the activity.

TPG Activity: Inspired Self-Portraits

For this activity, you’re encouraged to think about who you find inspiring and why. Using your imagination and things around you, re-create an image of them. This activity is devised

A collage of road signs and a double decker bus.

TPG Activity: Colours of the Street

This activity, created by Anna Foxabbott, invites you to interact with your outdoor environment in a new way through creating a colour restrictive photo collage.

Black and white photograph on a person walking on a street in the distance.

TPG Activity: Fantastical Framing

This activity created by Yazid Rowe-Habbari invites you to create a series of photographs that frame the reality of street photography in unique and imaginative ways.

Objects lying on a piece of paper.

TPG Activity: Still Life & Filters

This activity, devised by artist Jeanne Blissett Robertson, invites you to create and share a series of still life photos made with filters using household ingredients and objects.

Nine equal squares with  different patterns in.

TPG Activity: Curating Patterns

Patterns are everywhere – on the floor, on the walls, on our clothing and even in artworks. For this activity, you’re invited to locate and document different patterns around you.