Photography and Poetry

Returnings, David Rickard & SJ Fowler 2016

Photography and Poetry

As forms of artistic expression, both poetry and photography can convey a narrative or story without certainty or being merely descriptive. However both the poetic or photographic act are often still perceived as solitary pursuits, occurring in isolation from other creative acts.

Notions of composition, language, light, sound, space, printing, narrative and writing reveal themselves as fundamental to both arts, from collaborations between the media such as Writing The Picture by David Hurn and John Fuller, or A Fortunate Man: The Story of a Country Doctor by John Berger and Jean Mohr, to the photo haikus of Ann Attwood.

This curated theme explores the connections, potentials and co-habitations of poetry and photography, where collaboration enhances each medium whilst evoking what makes them so uniquely compelling.

SJ Fowler, A Last Day at the Museum of Futures

A Few Words

An exploration of the intersections between poetry and photography by writer and artist Steven J Fowler