Writing About Photography

Noémie Goudal, Station V, 2015 © Noémie Goudal. Courtesy of the artist and Edel Assanti

Writing About Photography

If a picture tells a thousand words, then it stands to reason that photography will have inspired its fair share of writings. Critical, theoretical, speculative, philosophical, historical, autobiographical and fictional. Certainly, over the years, TPG has been witness to, subject of and instigator of a variety of texts that aim to elucidate, illuminate, define or simply just celebrate the photographic form in words.  From specially commissioned essays to narrative fictions inspired by specific works or themes, this viewpoint presents an evolving and diverse selection of some of the ways that the literary has framed the visual.

Femme en habit d’homme, ferrotype, États-Unis, circa 1880.

Being Seen

CN Lester recounts personal experiences of gender non-conformance, visibility and invisibility, in relatiosnhip to an anonymously authored 1880 photograph

Dana Lixenberg, Fresh Real Flave and 4Doe, 2008

The Project

Imperial Courts by Dana Lixenberg is a voluminous and intricate body of work concerned, at its root, with the constancy of community among the black and brown residents of a

El Popular Private Collection / Centro de Fotografía of Montevideo

Dear Laxmi

This text was commissioned in response to the first major UK solo installation by acclaimed Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó, held at The Photographers' Gallery February – April 2016