01 Nov - 07 Dec 1991

Photovideo: Photography In The Age Of The Computer

1 November - 7 December 1991

Featuring Susan Boyce, Susan Hardy, Brian Harris, Graham Howard, Pedro Meyer, Clinton Osbourne, Esther Parada, Philip Benson & David Perret, Keith Piper, Simon Robertshaw & Kativa Sharma

The arrival of the video-still camera, which records images electronically onto magnetic disk and has no need for conventional film or chemical processing, heralds a major shift in the development of photography. Images, once encoded, can be played back via television, or transmitted down telecommunications networks; they can be enhanced, edited and altered without visible trace. This exhibition poses the question: Is this the end of photography as we know it, or merely the next chapter?'

Featuring work by twelve photographers and video-makers from Britain and abroad; they utilize sound, time and many facets of computer information media, including new developments in processing and printing.

In collaboration with Impressions Gallery, York.

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