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Talks & Events Film still featuring sea view from a balcony with two columns on either site of the picture plane

6:30pm, Thu 12 Oct 2023

Artist Talk: On Foreignness

Join artists and curators Nina Mangalanyagam, Reginald S Aloysius, Sandev Handy and Sharmini Pereira in this new conversation as they look at the entangled subject of foreignness

photograph of group of teenagers walking down a road.

TPG Activity: What is home?

For this activity, photographer Ryan Prince offers an idea for creating photographs that are inspired by Johny Pitt's Home is Not a Place exhibition

Talks & Events A colour image of a stack of book spines, all written by Joanna Walsh

6:30pm, Thu 06 Jul 2023

Talk: Joanna Walsh - Girls Online

As part of the CSNI Summer School, Joanna Walsh discusses Girl Rhetoric, an online mode familiar across platforms from blogs to Instagram to TikTok, and originating in offline feminised styles

A response to the activity.

TPG Activity: Inspired Self-Portraits

For this activity, you’re encouraged to think about who you find inspiring and why. Using your imagination and things around you, re-create an image of them. This activity is devised

Talks & Events Collection of black and white close catalogue sheet of portrait shots of cis men aligned in a grid

6:30pm, Thu 25 May 2023

Talk: Collecting Queerness

Hear artist and curator Guy Burch and writer Jason Okundaye as they discuss preserving queer stories and legacies by collecting and saving queer objects, art and artefacts