Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Updated Jan 2022

Our EDI Values:

The Photographers' Gallery (TPG) mission is to champion photography’s value and significance for everyone. TPG Staff and Trustees believe that ‘everyone’ encompasses all members of society without discrimination, and that diversity and equality are essential components of creativity, innovation and change – something we strive for. We are committed to supporting and showcasing artists and work that support and exemplify our values and enable us to be a place of equality and inclusion.

We further recognise the role that cultivating and enabling a diverse workforce plays in support of the above, as well as in ensuring the social, economic, cultural, physical and mental wellbeing of the organisation. We strive to make TPG an inclusive and welcoming environment for all those who work for, or with, us, and undertake any measures or procedures that help us to be a place that better reflects the communities we exist for.

The 2010 Equality Act provides us with a clear legislative framework for addressing discrimination in the workplace, actively promoting diversity and implementing equality of opportunity for all persons. We acknowledge that ‘diversity’ relates to multiple considerations including, but not limited to, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation, age, disability, civil status, pregnancy and maternity/paternity rights. We continuously look to inform and expand on these criteria to ensure we are being reflective of the fullest version of our society.

Our EDI Commitments:

  • We follow specific, informed and best practice measures that ensure equal access, representation and opportunities for currently under-represented groups within our workforce, collaborators, participants and audiences.
  • We offer regular specialist training in specific and general areas of inclusivity, diversity and quality to ensure that all Staff and Trustees are educated, accountable and equipped with effective tools and strategies to counter unconscious bias and combat any instances of racist or discriminatory behaviour, institutionally or individually. 
  • We have set up a dedicated cross departmental EDI ‘task force’ focused on driving change particularly in relation to: Employment & Recruitment; Organisational Culture; Programming; Audience Development and Communications
  • We follow specific and measurable recruitment procedures to help diversify our workforce.   These include posting the job vacancies on platforms focused on attracting applications from groups currently under-represented in our organisation and the arts more widely; ensuring our job descriptions and person specifications encourage applicants who would bring different experience, skills and perspectives to the role and ensuring that the interview process caters for neuro-diverse, and differently-abled candidates to the best of our ability.    
  • We ensure that any creative or employee decision-making bodies (including juries, selection or interview panels) adhere to best EDI practice and are reflective of EDI values.
  • We commit to ensuring our programme is accessible to diverse audiences. This includes increasing accessibility initiatives for people who are differently abled, have learning difficulties or other impairments that may restrict their engagement with the Gallery both physically and online, providing clear information panels for our exhibitions, English language audio-described events and resources and British Sign Language-led exhibition tours. 
  • We take a zero-tolerance approach to racism, discrimination or bias towards any individual or group who works with or for us and will take appropriate action against any instances we are made aware of. 
  • We will regularly monitor, review and adapt both our EDI commitments and actions to remain relevant and effective and report progress to staff, trustees, stakeholders and other relevant parties. 

If you have any questions or wish further clarification on any of the above please contact info@tpg.org.uk