Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to champion photography for everyone. 

A vistor engages with an augmented reality artwork by Mohamed Bourouissa

Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to champion photography for everyone. 

Photography for everyone, everywhere 

We believe that photography matters and the stories it tells should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your level of interest or where you live. Whether you visit us in person or online, we aim to bring you extraordinary images from photographers and image-makers of all ages, races, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and abilities. 

Our aim is to lead the way in showcasing the very best of photography for everyone. We encourage impassioned debate and new thinking about the role of the photographic image in society today.   

Our communities 

As a charity The Photographers’ Gallery is reliant on the support of our community. From joining as a member to making a one-off donation or buying a coffee, your support makes a huge difference.

We owe everything to the generosity of the people and communities that fuel us – an engaged, diverse and committed community of photographers, artists and collaborators; staff and trustees; visitors and followers; members, patrons and supporters, sponsors and partners.

We want our digital and physical spaces to be open and welcoming to all; and be a considerate and respectful place for our growing community.

New ideas and active discussion 

We encourage an open exchange of ideas and viewpoints about the power and role of photography. 

Our in-person and online events – from exhibitions, talks, lates, workshops, to courses, tours, and more, aim to spark conversations, challenge views and share photography in all its forms. 

Our social media platforms are creative digital spaces to share our broad and varied programme and explore what photography means today.

Our regular weekend Instagram takeovers support our mission to champion photography for everyone. Together with a range of photographers and image-makers we can expand upon current discussions and debates in photography, challenge assumptions, and highlight new projects and work which respond to the themes of our programmes.

#TPGTakeovers are a place to experiment and share new voices and work.

Inclusivity, diversity and accessibility

We believe that a diverse and equal society is essential for creativity and growth. Since our founding we have been committed to supporting and showcasing a broad range of contributors and practices that reflect and inform the world we live in. We recognise the role that cultivating and enabling a diverse workforce plays in achieving our aims and strive to be a fully inclusive and progressive environment for everyone who works with us.

Our environment

Photography has played an essential role in documenting the increasing threat of climate change and the devastation wrought on the natural world. We are also conscious that photography itself needs to become more sustainable and the Gallery needs to lessen its impact on the planet. 

From supporting practitioners who advocate ‘greener’ photography techniques, to pledging to reduce our own carbon footprint through reduced transportation, energy efficient lighting, recycling and sharing resources with other arts organisations, reducing  print materials, encouraging visitors to walk or cycle if they can and having an environmentally friendly code of conduct in everything we do, we aim to be a consciously future-forward, fit for purpose organisation.