Soho Photography Quarter

Photograph of a street, Soho Photography Quarter, showcasing Sian Davey's work in London

Soho Photography Quarter

Soho Photography Quarter (SPQ) is an outdoor cultural space for all to enjoy in Ramillies Place, W1, on the doorstep of The Photographers' Gallery. Open-air exhibitions and other events bring you the very best of contemporary photography, for free, all year round.

What's on now

Colour photograph of a young person sitting in an armchair in a garden surrounded by flowers

Siân Davey: The Garden

29 November 2023 - November 2024

"Everyone has a place in our garden" – Siân Davey

Discover works from Siân Davey’s The Garden. Starting in 2020, British photographer Siân Davey transformed her abandoned garden over three summers into a vibrant space, filled with wildflowers, birdsong and people.

Together with her son, Luke, Davey cultivated a space rooted in love. They researched native flowers and encouraged biodiversity, sourcing seeds and plants locally. When the flowers bloomed, they called in the community.

The space became an expression of yearning, defiance, joy and interconnectedness.

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Watch a timelapse of the installation of Siân Davey’s The Garden in Soho Photography Quarter, just outside the Gallery

Colour image of a screen grab showing a small group of people dancing

Nina Davies: For An Imaginary Page

For An Imaginary Page is a series of videos that encourage critical engagement with online creative content by using fiction as a primary tool. Combining existing TikTok posts with original texts and sound to produce fictional narrative works, Nina Davies asks "if algorithms were characters in our lives, what would they say to us?"

Showing now on the corner screen just outside the Gallery until 1 October.

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About Soho Photography Quarter

Developed in partnership with Westminster City Council (WCC) as part of a major project to invigorate the Oxford Street area, Soho Photography Quarter is a dynamic and enticing outdoor space to experience and enjoy world-class photography for free, day and night.

The previously overlooked passageway, which stands at the gateway to Soho, was transformed by Andreas Lechthaler Architecture into a tranquil pedestrianised zone with newly designed seating, ambient lighting, trees and planters to enhance the experience of everyone spending time there or passing through.

Ground-level view of the Photographers Gallery and the south-western corners of Soho Photography Quarter

About the Programme

The main SPQ programme predominantly focusses on British and international solo artists. The programme gives unique access and insight into some of the most innovative and dynamic photographic practices today.

From those playing with, or subverting, traditional techniques, to those pushing the boundaries of digital technologies or working with performance and archives, SPQ provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience artists and works beyond the Gallery walls.

Each presentation will feature a large scale art frieze, cross-street banners, moving image projections, soundscapes and other interactive works. Running alongside the main displays, you can experience a rich live and digital programme which illuminate the works on show and the artists behind them.

These include artist talks, outdoor film screenings, digital commissions, interactive augmented reality projects, performances, workshops and pop-up exhibitions, both in the space and online.