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DEVELOP: Preparing for a Career in the Photography Industry is an ongoing programme of talks, events and workshops for 14-24 year olds. 

Discussion with Q&A: Exhibiting Your Work

Sun 18 Nov, 14.00 - 17.00

Interested in creating a space to show your own and other's work? From pop-up exhibitions to presenting work in a gallery context, come to this informal discussion and Q&A session with multidisciplinary artist Georgina Johnson and curator Maisie Florence Post to hear the real ins and outs and be inspired. 

£30/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Image: Maisie Post

Talk with Q&A: What's It Like To Be A Creative Producer?

Thu 29 Nov, 18.00 - 19.30

Do you love photography but you're not sure if you want to be a photographer? If so, being a creative producer - someone who commissions photographers. organises big shoots and leads the creative team might be just the career for you. Join us for an informal chat and Q&A with top-level producer Hannah Levy from Snap London who can tell you about one of the most important behind the scenes jobs in the creative industries as well as how to get into it yourself. 

£5/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Workshop: Create You Own Website

To be a successful creator and business person you need an effective website to showcase your work and market your skills. Join us for this half-day workshop with the founder of Manage My Website Allie Astell to learn about websites, good and bad, how to make your own site without having to learn code and leave with the beginnings of your own great website. 

£30/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Workshop: Storytelling With Photography

Sat 8 Dec, 11.00 - 17.00 

Storytelling in photography - how does it work? Photographers often create narrative purely with images or combine text with photographs to produce books, magazine features, exhibitions, and multi-media work. Join us for this full-day workshop with photographer Jack Latham and writer Rachel Hamilton to explore narrative and photography in different forms and help you tell your own visual story. 

£50/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Image: Eric Aydin-Barberini

Discussion with Q&A: What's It Like To Be A Fashion Photographer?

Thu 17 Jan, 18.00 - 19.30

Thinking of becoming a fashion photographer? Find out what it's really like to work with brands like Dior, Gucci and GQ, coordinate locations and studio shoots from fashion photographer's Kenneth Lam and Ronan McKenzie.

£5/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Please note: bookings for this event will open on 17 December. 

Image: Eric Aydin-Barberini

Workshop: Introduction to InDesign

Sun 27 Jan, 11.00 - 17.30

Join this full-day workshop to learn the basics of Adobe InDesign, the software programme used by most graphic designers in the creative industries. If you like the idea of making your own promotional material, designing a new zine or simply creating an awesome CV, knowledge of InDesign is what you need to stand out from the rest. 

£50/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Please note: bookings for this event will open on 27 December. 

Image: Eric Aydin-Barberini

Discussion with Q&A: Using Social Media

Thu 31 Jan, 18.00 - 19.30

Photographic and film art director Gem Fletcher will be leading a discussion all about how to make Instagram, Twitter and other platforms a way for people to see your work and develop and profile. All the do's and don't's of social media in an hour and a half. 

£5/ Free Bursary Places Available 

Please note: bookings for this event will open on 31 December. 

Image: Stop the Algorithm © Stephanie Kneissl and Max Lackner, 2017

DEVELOP Workshops for Schools

Our DEVELOP: preparing for a career in photography programme offers an array of talks, discussions and workshops for young people aged 14-24 to inform themselves and prepare for, working with photography. The programme particularly aims to involve young people who might otherwise not have these opportunities due to social, educational or economic disadvantage.

From September 2018, we are offering a limited number of school sessions related to the myriad of careers connected to preparing for, creating and working with photography. Free sessions are available to schools with 40% or more pupils eligible for Pupil Premium

These fun and interactive sessions are led by experienced photography educators and are 90 minutes in length. 

Free, limited number of sessions available. 

For more information, or to book, email Jolie at